Shawna Jones is an Oakland-based, natural light photographer who has been taking pictures of humans, their animals, and mother nature for the past 8 years.  Clients cherish Shawna’s accepting, open heart and her impeccable ability to create a comfortable environment when in front of her camera. Imagine you have a best friend who makes you feel awesome and special, but they also just happen to take the GREATEST photos of you. This is the magic of Shawna’s photography.  She connects with people, sees the best in them, and captures all of that unique beauty and sparkle and power with her camera.  



Maybe you’re an artist or real estate agent, or someone who just got engaged. You don’t love having your picture taken, but you need to have a photo for an album release party, a special life event or your professional bio page. Maybe you do like being photographed, but you want to have more fun, try something different, and really SHOW UP on camera. Maybe you’re queer or nerdy or sexy or all of the above, and you want someone to see you for who you are instead of assuming you’re something more normative. Maybe you just want to have some photos of yourself or your family that help you show the world exactly who you are.



You’ll checkout the Services page to determine which photoshoot package you're most interested in, then click on the Contact button and fill out the little form. Shawna will respond via email or text to set up a time to have a phone consultation.  When you talk, you can figure out if you’re a good fit for each other.  You will share your vision with Shawna, as well as determine the best location for your shoot (East Bay, preferred) and get it on the books. And if you don’t have a vision, don’t worry, you and Shawna can figure that out together!